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Which Tracker is Right For You?

The security market has seen sustained growth over the last few years, now worth around $100 billion US dollars in 2020. Our personal security is becoming a growing concern, particularly for women, young adults and children. As a result, the personal safety market, which encompasses wearable tech like personal trackers, is rapidly expanding, alongside the popularity of wearable gadgets. With the market becoming more and more crowded with new products, it’s hard to know which gadget is right for your specific security needs.


GPS Watches

Following the creation of the Apple Watch and Fitbit, smart watches have been extremely popular for a few years now. Digital watches were arguably one of the first pieces of wearable tech to gain mainstream popularity, thus, birthing the GPS watch. GPS watches are perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors yet are not fond of a compass. GPS watches are often waterproof and solar powered, meaning they are fit for extreme environments and long trips. As they are the size of a normal watch, GPS watches are rugged, compact and practical. The main function of GPS watches is to plot and track journeys, they also can monitor and collect data about your activity, in the same fashion as a fitness tracker. Whilst GPS trackers are perfect for the outdoor explorer, their uses do not stem far beyond the outdoors. Their size and shape make them impractical for tracking other items, like cars or other valuable goods. More so, with GPS watches costing upwards of £700, as they contain a lot of technology in such compact casing, they are very expensive for their limited function.

Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth trackers are very useful gadgets which allow for tracking of smaller personal belongings. If you frequently lose your keys before you need to leave for work, or have trouble locating your mobile, a bluetooth tracker is the right piece of kit for you. Bluetooth trackers are very small devices, usually the size of a coin, they can be attached to sets of keys or personal items you often need to locate. As they have no GPS function or any other features, they are at the lower end of the price scale, costing between £10 and £30. As bluetooth trackers are not connected to GPS, using bluetooth signals, they only work within a very limited range. They may not work in homes which have thick walls or between different floors in your home. Bluetooth trackers lack of range renders them unreliable for tracking valuable goods, as they do not carry strong enough signals.

GPS Trackers

If you are searching for a method of tracking valuable goods which is reliable, consistent and long lasting, GPS trackers from providers like Online Spy Shop are the best option available. GPS trackers allow for 24/7 tracking, no matter the location or distance the item is from you. GPS trackers rely on the GPS system, which is protected and run by the US government, system failures are unheard of. More so, modern GPS trackers also have the ability to send messages, acting as a backup form of communication in an emergency. Unlike GPS watches and bluetooth trackers, GPS trackers have a much wider use and more functions, making them a worthy investment.

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